Revolutionary Women: Luisa Capetillo & A Pair Of Trousers
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Revolutionary Women: Luisa Capetillo & A Pair Of Trousers

I have a bow tie collection that I keep in a suitcase under my bed. On the nights I don’t mind controversy, I iron a white shirt and choose the least offensive; a black sequin number. I’ll still be referred to as ‘Coco the Clown’ in the pub all night and asked: “What’s the bow … Continue reading

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Wedding Traditions – Will I Partake In Them All?

Traditions are flying out the window these days, and more often than not that’s good. Bring on the new liberal age! Who needs stuffy old cliches and narrow-minded fuddy duddies telling us what we should be doing, am I right?! However, there are one or two traditions that are still stuck fast and don’t seem … Continue reading

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Why We Still Need Feminism

We need feminism, desperately. Now before you groan and think that feminism is one big man-hating rant, hear me out. Whether you love the phrases “girl power” and “equality of the sexes” or not, our society holds a very negative stigma against the pursuit of equality for girls. Feminists have been dubbed as “feminazis” and … Continue reading