May 2016: Friendships

An Ode To My Sister And Our Bond

Upon hearing about this month’s theme at Zusterschap, I started doing some serious soul-searching. Oh, wow.. I have so many stories, triumphs, happy memories and even failures to share. I could tell you about how I recently ended a friendship of ten years; after coming to the realisation that seven of those years were spent being taken advantage of and being bullied. Perhaps I could write a piece dedicated to the fact that every friendship is different, and each one requires different levels of effort, affection or time. I could also tell you the tale of one of my favourite friendships, the one that was years in the making. I’d walk you through the several near-misses and how we finally found each other.

Instead, I’m going to write about the ultimate friendship, my best friend who has been at the very forefront of my mind and close to my heart for the past eighteen years. She’s my baby sweetpea and my little sister.

From the day she was born, my sister and I have always been the best of friends. I met her when I was just five years old, held her close and tried to contain my excitement. I had been blessed with a best friend I could play with from the comfort of my own home.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was leave her behind whilst I went to university for three years. I was away when she went through some of her most crucial teen years, but I always rushed home whenever she needed me. I made sure she knew I was always only a text away.

I lived for the days she’d visit with my parents and I could meet her for coffee. We’d swap stories about her school days and my laughable escapades on nights out. Some of the most exciting memories from university I have are when she came to stay. I got to introduce her to all my peers, stay up late watching films with her and my housemates, I’d even take her to parties at the student union club!


Some people are embarrassed or ashamed of their family, but this couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I introduce my family to people I know whenever I can! My sister is always welcome to hang out with me and my friends. It’s been this way since we were little and nothing will ever change that.

She recently turned eighteen and it was such an important event for me! I can now take her out to all the best cocktail bars and we’ll have even more quality time together, I can’t wait.

No matter the activity, whether it’s going on a night out, or cozying up for a night of Netflix, I’ve loved having a live-in bestie. I’m sure things will change a little when we go our separate ways; she’ll be living with her boyfriend and I’ll be hunting for a one-bedroom apartment that allows cats. However, this friendship will always be important to me and my sister will always be my top priority because no matter what happens our bond is unbreakable.

– Grace Latter


One thought on “An Ode To My Sister And Our Bond

  1. me too I did something similar by leaving a friend after about 5 years of friendship…I realised that she was a bullied and I could never be myself around her , I guess I was blind but when i finally I realised that for me to be happier was to leave her … I have no regret.
    great post ! Your sister sound fab ! x


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