April 2016: Self Love / LGBT

LGBTQ+ Self Love Playlist

I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can safely and openly talk about being a pansexual woman. I use the label ‘pansexual’ because I find that the best label currently out there to describe my sexuality. There is a whole debate going on at the moment about whether labels can be beneficial or further create barriers amongst us, including inside the community. While some prefer to reclaim words like ‘queer’, others believe that these words are derogatory and that it’s important to respect the LGBTQ+ history by not using them.

Regardless of your gender or sexuality, or whether you choose to use a label or not, it’s vital to practice some self love once in a while. For those who are living with phobic families, experiencing dysphoria, or who have been victims of discrimination or hate crimes, it can sometimes be hard to do so.  After much surfing, I have found some songs that I think really explore self love from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Listening to them evokes a sense of pride but also belonging, of knowing that you’re not alone and that it’s okay to be who you are and love who you love.

Some songs are not by queer artists but they either talk about radical self love or about sex and relationships from a non-heteronormative perspective. One thing I did notice however, there appears to be ‘confused’ and ‘unfaithful’ queer tropes that come up with a lot of the songs about polysexuality. To compensate for this, I put in some romantic songs using various pronouns.  

I will be adding to this playlist so feel free to comment below or tweet me (@jennalloyd27) with your favourite song for LGBTQ+ self love.

I also co-manage a collective called Queer Bloggers for all creatives that consider their gender or sexuality inside that group. We are a community that shares and chats about content with relevant themes. There’s a monthly newsletter and we share and promote content made by you guys! Follow us @queerbloggers or email us for more info about how to get involved.


Jenna Lloyd
Jenna is currently studying at the University of Winchester but lives in sunny Bournemouth. She writes as Chief Editorial Intern for local website ‘Bournemouth News & Info’, and in her spare time she can either be found in little pubs with live music and good company, blogging feminist rants or cheering on her local roller derby teams.


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