December 2015: Traditions / periods / sex

How To Have Period Sex Like A Pro

When Katherine and I decided on December’s theme, we were certain about one thing: highlighting how rubbish traditional attitudes towards sex can be. Since my last post on period sex was well received, I thought I’d share some bloody (sorry, not sorry) good tips on how to have period sex like a pro.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that cleanliness is one the biggest factors and the main reason people choose not to have period sex. Other people just don’t feel DTF when they’re riding the Crimson wave. That’s cool and I’m not here to convince you otherwise. I’m here for the people who feel like they’re on heat during shark week, but refrain from releasing their inhibitions.

Menstruating isn’t disgusting; in fact, you’ve got a natural lubricant for free!

Choose your location wisely

If you want to wash immediately after, have sex in the shower or bath. You’ll be physically clean in no time, not spiritually though, the sex you just had will follow you to the grave 😉

If you’re not into that, put a towel down on the surface of your choice. Bed, chair, floor, sofa – go nuts. You can throw it in the wash immediately after.

There are tools you can use for period sex

There are two ways you can avoid making a mess when it comes to foreplay. One option is gloves (which is a little excessive in my opinion, but no judgement if you’d prefer to use them), and the other thing you can implement are sex toys. You don’t always have to use your hand for foreplay, get creative.

Condoms are your friends

You heard me.


The most important tip of all – have fun with it. I know it can be incredibly hard, but you just have to ignore the social stigma attached to periods and sex, as well as the two together.

Aside from the importance of consent, sex isn’t supposed to be a particularly serious thing. I hate the thought of women out there suppressing sexual urges just because we live in a patriarchal society that consistently shames us for existing.

If you want to have sex on your period, you should.

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One thought on “How To Have Period Sex Like A Pro

  1. “Condoms are your friends.” So true, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with period sex, sometimes you’ve just gotta go for it even if it is a little messy and towels are always there for you!

    Kimberley //


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