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The Mooncup Diaries: I converted to the Moon Cup, and you can too!



After being spoon-fed the lie that my only “feminine hygiene” product options are pads or tampons, I was surprised to learn that some other options existed, in particular the menstrual cup. I confess, when I first heard of the concept of what a menstrual cup is and how it works, I was slightly horrified and wrote it off entirely. It wasn’t until I started reading The Mooncup Diaries column here on Zusterschap that I even entertained the possibility.

As I read Tara’s posts, I realized she seemed to really love using the moon cup and even went as far as to say the moon cup makes her excited for her period. With an endorsement like that, how could I not at least give it a try?

I ordered one and it arrived just in time for shark week. Getting it in was easier than I expected. It only took me two tries! Once I had it in place, I immediately panicked it would go too far up inside me and I wouldn’t be able to get it back out. That seems to be a common fear from others I’ve spoken to, but trust me. It’s fine. Taking the Mooncup out was a little challenging the first time, and sometimes still is. The benefits far outweigh any inconvenience though. Give it two or three cycles. I’m so glad I persevered, I absolutely love my Mooncup.

First of all, using the Mooncup just feels clean! This is the same reason I used to prefer tampons to pads. Sitting in a puddle of my own menstrual blood? No thanks. Tampons always dried me out, especially toward the end of my period. Also, they leak. All the time. They just can’t be trusted in my experience!

With the Mooncup, I can put it in and not have to worry about it for hours. I’m lucky enough to have a lockable, single person bathroom at my job so I can easily do “Mooncup maintenance” on my lunch break, but if I did work somewhere with bathroom stalls, I could even leave it in for the entire work day. I’m no longer stuffing my purse with tampons. That extra purse real estate is now occupied by extra lipsticks!

I would have loved to have had the Mooncup as an option as a ballet dancer. Confession: As I was taking my tutu off after the final time I ever performed as a dancer, I noticed a spot of period blood. Had I seriously just bled through my tights into an expensive, handmade tutu? Fourteen year old me panicked and didn’t tell anyone. My initials were inside the tutu, so at some point, someone more than likely discovered my stain and quite possibly told everyone all about it. Point being, this all could have been avoided had I been using a menstrual cup.

I can honestly say that the Mooncup has completely changed my relationship with my period. I’ve never felt more in touch with my body and my flow, which is so empowering!


If you’re anything like me, when you first heard of menstrual cups you immediately thought “not for me.” I strongly encourage you to give them a chance. I was so pleasantly surprised by just how much more bearable the moon cup makes my period.


– Kathy (

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