October 2015: Sexuality / playlists

Body of My Own: Songs about Masturbation

Back in August, Hailee Steinfeld released her debut single and music video – a catchy pop number called “Love Myself“. With lyrics like “I know how to scream my own name,” the song quickly became known as a ‘masturbation anthem.’ What makes this song even better is the fact that it’s Steinfeld’s debut. Songs about female masturbation … Continue reading

periods / The Mooncup Diaries

The Mooncup Diaries: I converted to the Moon Cup, and you can too!

  After being spoon-fed the lie that my only “feminine hygiene” product options are pads or tampons, I was surprised to learn that some other options existed, in particular the menstrual cup. I confess, when I first heard of the concept of what a menstrual cup is and how it works, I was slightly horrified … Continue reading