August 2015: Stereotypes / sexism / topical

Fighting The Stereotype: Groupies, Fangirls, and Band Aids.

Fangirls have long been the bottom of the social food-chain, openly mocked for their unabashed enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of a certain topic; namely musicians, actors, YouTubers and other celebrities. I’ve spent most of my adult life denying my identity as a fan, but is it really something I should be ashamed of? Continue reading

Baby Feminist: Reasons People Reject Feminism
Baby Feminist / feminism

Baby Feminist: Reasons People Reject Feminism

At the beginning of the year, there were photos flying around the Internet of women holding up pieces of paper and proclaiming they “don’t need feminism.” These pictures were inevitably used as memes and went viral. My first reaction was to call these women out and tweet about why I felt so enraged about them declaring themselves … Continue reading