Getting Bi

Getting Bi: Bisexual characters on TV right now

The lovely ladies at Zusterchap have invited me to start a column, and how could I say no? Both them and the site is fab and I am happy they’ve asked me to be a part of it!

From my previous posts ‘An Open Letter to Gillian Anderson’ and ‘Bisexuality and the media’, you may be able to tell what my column will be about – bisexuality! First up is something I recently saw online, and attempted to cartwheel with joy over, but I couldn’t because I can’t quite cartwheel…

A couple of weekends ago, I was trying to get ahead of myself and plan blog posts. As always, I managed to get distracted and went on Tumblr. There, I saw people freaking out over something Hayley Atwell had said. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me because that woman is awesome and I never know if I want to be her, or be her best friend because she’s fabulous, creative and… I’ll shut up. So I looked into what she had said. It was in video form and I wanted to high five her until my hands couldn’t high five anymore.

A fan asked her at a convention if she thought that her character Peggy Carter, in the Captain America films (and now her own show, Agent Carter) would consider herself as bisexual. Many fans of the show, myself included, have noticed that Hayley retweets a lot of things regarding the ‘Cartinelli’ ship; a potential relationship between Peggy and waitress/neighbour/friend Angie Martinelli.

Source: IGN

Hayley said she doesn’t see why not, as she is a modern woman. She was already up there in my estimations, but she’s gone up even further in my books. Do you realise how lovely it is to hear someone openly say this? To actually hear someone ask a question regarding bisexuality, and for it to be answered in a positive way?

Honestly, I rarely hear actors talk about bisexuality. Yes, it was only a brief answer to what the individual had asked her, but that is better than nothing at all. Any talk in the media that raises awareness of bisexuality is fantastic.

Now, can the writers please give us a bisexual Peggy Carter in series 2? If Hayley is embracing Cartinelli as much as the fans, then shouldn’t the show try to incorporate it into the show? I haven’t really followed Lyndsy Fonseca (Angie) on social media, but after popping on her Twitter, she ships it just as much as Hayley. I do feel that sometimes the creators need to listen to the fans, giving them a little bit of what they want. I think it’s refreshing when the creators and cast members of a show embrace the fan-base – Orphan Black definitely does this.

As I wrote this post, I started to watch Hannibal. I got through the first series and may have a humongous crush on Caroline Dhavernas, who plays Alana Bloom, so got searching on Tumblr and whatnot. This is when I came across an article talking with Dhavernas and I let out a shriek that only dogs would be able to hear. It turns out that Alana Bloom is bisexual, and that Bryan Fuller’s (writer/producer of Hannibal as well as Pushing Daisies and many other awesome shows) take on it is that she’s always been bisexual, we just haven’t seen it in the show yet. I think this means a lot. Surely, the fact that I got so excited finding this out shows that we need more representation of bisexual characters in TV.

Can other shows take note? I bet it’s not that difficult to write a bisexual character into a show. And, instead of just writing characters of different sexualities that fit stereotypes, how about getting in contact with folks that consider themselves the sexuality you are looking to portray?

If shows started to have characters that were bisexual, it would become more normalised and accepted in culture and society. Not only with bisexuality, but all sexualities. I’m pretty sure those who are unsure of the wide variety of different sexualities have stereotypes in their head of how they work. Television is a simple but incredibly effective tool that could be utilised to break down these walls and represent people of all sexualities.



– Meg Siobhan


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