June 2015: Inspirations

Finding Your Inspiration

As a child, I never really looked up to anyone who I felt inspired me. Sure, I wanted to be like Cinderella; she was pretty and wore nice dresses and married a prince – but she wasn’t inspiring. In my teens I had a ton of band members that I idolised (Hayley Williams anyone!?) but I’d never have called them my inspirations. Fast forward to a couple of months ago during a group interview when I was asked who my inspiration was. Ensue panic mode. I hate group interviews at the best of times, and although the tone of this one wasn’t too serious I knew I still had to have a good answer. In my panic I said Taylor Swift, and with a nod of approval the next person was asked.

It was only as the spotlight shifted and the pressure was relieved that I actually became worried that I couldn’t answer the question with a 100 per cent definite answer. Having an inspiration or role model is pretty much a rite of passage; particularly in your teens. There must have been somebody I looked up to and admired?

After much deliberation and discussion, I gave up. I decided I didn’t have an inspiration and I was fine with that. That evening I FaceTimed my family and spoke to my Gran. Turns out I was wrong about not having an inspiration: I’d just been looking in the wrong place. My Gran is one of my favourite people on the planet. She’s not one for great pearls of wisdom or motivational speeches, but she’s inspiring in so many different ways. We lost my Grandad suddenly at the start of 2012, and whilst I can’t even imagine how that must have felt, she carried on. She held her head high at the funeral and every day since, and whilst life hasn’t been easy for her these past few years she’s given it her all.

For me, inspiration is about finding someone who you are proud to look up to. If I can be half the woman that my Gran is when I’m in my eighties, I will be happy. I am proud to call her my Grandmother, and proud to say that I aspire to be like her. She has been my biggest inspiration through the past three years of my life in particular without me even realising, and that’s pretty special.

I encourage you to look a little closer to home for your inspirations. It’s great to look up to people who you admire, but sometimes the people who inspire you the most are closer than you realise.




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