June 2015: Inspirations

Why Lady Gaga Inspires Me

For various reasons, Lady Gaga is one of my major inspirations.

“You don’t need a contract to be an artist, you do not need a manager to be an artist, you do not need an agency or money to be an artist; all you need to be an artist is a canvas and a paintbrush.”  

One of the things I find inspiring about Lady Gaga is her rise to fame. She got to where she is today through hard work and gaining a fan base through local shows. She has evolved from a burlesque dancer who used to sing and strip in small clubs in New York to a multi-award winning superstar who has topped the charts and sold out arena shows. It shows that if you know what you want in life, even if it’s not easy, it is achievable if you try hard and are resilient enough to bounce back from rejection.
The next reason is her attitude towards love and self-acceptance. Born This Way was all about that and encouraging others to be themselves. It went to show that not all songs within the pop genre of music have to be about sex or breakups and it was a smash hit that rang true with a lot of people in the LGBT+ community. She then went on to write and create ARTPOP which was all about intertwining art and pop culture together showing she truly cares about her work and is not solely interested in churning out hits to make big bucks.

She also went on to make an altruistic difference within this world by creating her own charity, the Born This Way Foundation, which aims to “Foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a kinder, braver world.” She won the Lennono Grant for Peace in 2012, with Yoko Ono describing Lady Gaga as “not only an artist – she is also an activist, using her art to bring better communication to the world.

She took part in an LGBT+ march addressing the inequalities gay people face within the military in the USA. She has done many thing for charity and goodwill and it shows that she doesn’t just care about self-promotion and will use her high profile to affect change on issues close to her heart.

I am going to finish this here otherwise I will end up rambling but I hope that you can understand why I think Lady Gaga is an inspiration. She strives for peace and equality, has gotten where she is today through hard graft and shows a real compassion for her work and others. We need more Lady Gaga’s in the world and it’s great that she can speak up for people whose voices are often ignored.

Check out Jamie Sowden’s blog and YouTube if you’d like to know more. 



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