June 2015: Inspirations / poetry

Inspirational Poetry: You

Today on the blog we have some poetry. As part of June’s month long theme on Inspirations, Hannah Delacour submitted this beautiful poem.


Inspiration. What a lovely – yet
rare occurrence. Where we are faced
with feelings that move us,
deter us,
and redirect our even our
most deepest, yet superficial fuss.

Inspirations add value and meaning;
to our routine, everyday woes.
They motivate us towards our goals,
shadowing those seemingly inescapable
lows. But the question I ask you today –
is – do they always lead us towards
a better sense of self?
Who knows. That task is surely up to you.

Those who inspire me, do so through
even the smallest of acts.
They make me feel warm, even by smiling, and
sparking the most silly of chats.
It is in those moments of self-giving and
calm – that spread happiness,
and promise, in even the most darkest of times.
If only there were more who acted so kind.

What’s sad is that those people,
who inspire me so,
can easily fit into the mere palm
of my hand. Where have people’s principles,
and humility shot to?
Acting out of principles for the better good,
rather through the ambition of material gain?

So here, I ask you, to take a stand.
Aspire to be a better you,
and not what society tells you to do.
Inspire to move and touch people’s hearts;
I suppose that’s where every inspiration’s
task starts.

Stop aspiring to be the same as another,
and aspire to act as a sister, or brother.

It is through courage, and our giving nature,
that we can aim to make society happier,
and safer.

Use the inspirations in your everyday world,
and imprint them into your moral whorled.

– Hannah Delacour


This post is part of a month long theme on Inspirations.
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