May 2015: Women's Bodies / periods

Why You Should Embrace Your Period

I find meaning in everything.  I’m Jacky from Do It For The Irony and I’m a big Zusterschap supporter, so I was happy to write about something I’ve always been fascinated with.

The period is something that we are taught to be ashamed of.  To some, it can be the ugliest time of the month, so disgusted are we with something that comes so naturally.  That’s what we are taught but it’s totally irrational –  it’s just something that happens and is a part of our body’s cycle.  So I’m here today to show you a few ways your period is not so bad.


1. The Hormones.

Love, hate and sadness are all heightened during our period because of our fluctuating hormones.  We all have different interactions with our hormones; some of us take our period as a time to get away from people, others cry and express their emotions.  These moments are seen as times of weakness and annoyance to others but I don’t think they are.  Some people don’t get the chance to go through this heightened way of experiencing things and we’re lucky we get to feel so much.

2.  The Period Ritual.

The period routine is a ritualistic time where we take time to ourselves and transform. Here I’m talking about the bleeding part.  I get sad that people have such a hatred towards the physical part of their period and the obstacles of having to change pads and tampons.  Yes, it’s another chore to do, but it’s also a time of self-care. It’s like a beauty routine – it’s caring for your body and yourself. Again, it’s a ritual that not many get to experience and it represents youth, life and self-care.

3.  Sisterhood.

Talking about periods brings us together.  I remember when I was in the beginning years of my period and my friends and I would openly laugh at the things that occur during period-time. The guys around us would be grossed out or annoyed that we’d bring up such a thing and I’ve realised how common this is. We should be allowed to talk about it, regardless of whether it’s viewed as a taboo subject. Why it is so frowned upon? Perhaps it’s a media created restriction. All I know is that you’re embracing sisterhood by reading this post and hopefully one day periods won’t be regarded as such a negative time of month. In discussing them, we bring ourselves closer to others and our ability to empathise can only be seen as a positive thing.
Jacky Auerbach


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