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Beach body ready? NO Protein World we are beach body ALREADY

You’ve probably seen Protein World’s latest ad campaign by now. If you haven’t, it’s sexist and horrendous. Like many other companies out there, Protein World is attempting to shame women in order to push their product. The image features bold writing asking commuters “ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY?” when it might as well say “DO YOU FEEL SHIT YET?”.  wrote an excellent piece about the campaign and it perfectly sums up how I and many others feel.

Yesterday, I was on my way to work and happened to stumble across one of the billboards. I tweeted my frustration with the advert along with the picture above. “Beach body ready?, do they understand how insulting that is?”, I thought to myself. The lovely Fiona, who blogs over at The Escapologist’s Daughter, tweeted me saying she agreed and had an idea. The advert made us pretty mad and we decided to challenge everything it was trying to sell by posing next to it in our bikinis.


It’s hard to look angry when you’re feeling super liberated.

So that’s exactly what we did today! We exchanged numbers and spend the night before conspiring via iMessage – we even send each other bikini selfies in preparation. We were both feeling pretty nervous but agreed doing it together would be all the more motivating.

It was a very liberating experience for me as I’m not usually that comfortable on beaches in a bikini, let alone somewhere out of the ordinary in one. Fiona was right, having her there really did help. Once we initially dropped our dresses, it was fine and (dare I say it?) even fun! I woke up this morning questioning whether I really wanted to do it or not. Once I read Jamelia’s ignorant comments and saw a ton of abuse on the #PlusSizeWars hashtag, I knew what I had to.

We explained to a passerby that this advert made us mad and that we wanted to pose next to it before asking her to take the photo. To our delight, she was very encouraging and supportive. She took a ton of photos for us, cheered us on and told us we looked great. People walking by didn’t take much notice and even walked round another way to avoid ruining the photo. I was really worried we would attract abuse or men making us feel uncomfortable but we didn’t. My faith in humanity has been restored a little, it was definitely a successful experience.

The best part about all this is the fact that Protein World completely misunderstood,retweeted the photo and sent me a winky face emoji.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 15.08.02


Comments like Jamelia’s, advertising campaigns like this and people in general telling women how they should look really anger me. I can’t believe I almost didn’t do this. I’m not that confident with my body and I was really worried I would feel worse about myself (have you seen Fiona?! Babe alert <3) but I just thought about how terrible it could be making others feel.

The entire premise of this advertising campaign is just utterly ridiculous. I am sick and tired of seeing just one body type pushed and sold across advertising campaigns, television and everywhere else. Us women are great and we come in lots of different shapes and sizes.


I don’t look like the girl on the billboard, and nor do I want to, and guess what? I’m still beach body ready! All I have to do is put a bikini on.


Ultimately, brands such as these will continue their sexist advertising tactics for as long as we let them. Let’s not let them. Consider this a call for resistance.


So ladies… let’s take Rhiannon’s lead and call out companies on their sexist advertising tactics – one bikini selfie at a time.


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21 thoughts on “Beach body ready? NO Protein World we are beach body ALREADY

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  4. I am known as the escapologist and you and my daughter did something pretty amazing the other day. Thank you for holding her hand and giving her the conviction to follow her beliefs. I certainly never taught her to derobe in public but always urged her to follow her heart. I appreciate your brave actions have resulted in some ridiculous comments but I always appreciate there are only about 6 raisins in a packet of Revels and leave them to the side and enjoy the rest. Well proud of the 2 of you.


  5. So wonderful! I was happy to find your blog and this post via CutieCameras and have tweeted my support! #everybodyisbikiniready Good for you for standing up and appreciating your body!


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  7. You look great, your friend looks great, but the woman on the poster looks great too – so why give her the finger? Why can’t all women look great? I know, you’re aiming it at the message not the woman… but that’s not the way it comes across. (Declaration of interest: my daughter is even thinner than the woman on the poster, and gets a ton of stick for it. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and there has to be a better way to spread body confidence.)


  8. Tara I love what you and Fiona did!! You ladies are fabulous!! As someone who is working on recovering from an eating disorder ads like these frustrate me so much! And they are everywhere! It is time that we start standing up and saying enough is enough. We don’t need to look like that. That model doesn’t even look like that (thanks photoshop). Women are held to ridiculous standards of how they should look. I want to be held to higher standards of who I am as a person and what I am doing to make this world a better place. Those are the things that matter. Thank you for standing up and making a statement! It is much needed in today’s world.


  9. the company never suggested that that is the only way woman can be beautiful. the company sells products that help people to get fit. most people want to be fit and healthy. it is there choice if they want to look that way. the company sells products to do that. so to market to people who want to look healthier and have a body like the one of the girl is not sexist. they did not in any way say on there billboards that woman need to look that they. they simply were marketing there products to the people who want to get in shape. in no way were they degrading anyone’s body.
    the person Stuart who commented before was confused because you looked as though you were flipping off the woman in the picture instead of the way they marketed it. following this thought Stuart or anyone who saw that photo could say that you were doing the opposite of promoting a healthy body image for everyone, but only for people who don’t look like her.
    can you not see that you are doing the same thing as there marketing strategy? you are doing something that can be seen as either good or bad in that photo it just depends the way you look at it.
    they put up a photo of the stereotypical body of a “healthy” woman, not to only say she was healthy but because that is the way people recognize it as healthy. someone who is perfectly healthy but not that size sees it as offensive.
    you flipped off a photo of their campaign, which had a girl with a different body shape than yours on it. so if someone were to not know your intentions and only saw that photo, they didn’t read the rest of the post and didn’t know much about your cause, they could say you were being just as closed minded or sexist as the campaign. I am not downing what you are doing, i believe that all woman should be happy with who they are no matter what they look like. I’m just saying you should stop looking for sexism in everything. Not everything is against us girls.

    by the way you guys are really pretty and i like your bikini.


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